Thursday, February 17, 2011

another day

I watched a Martha Stewart episode around Christmas time. I was in shock and awe that she actually thought what she was preparing for a party is was realistic. Maybe her writers thought it, but seriously I couldn't make myself change the channel. I think it was because I fell in love with the huge cassollet she was using for the main dish for the party. I digress, the dish she was making had 2 turkeys and 2 geese and i think a lamb leg. But I just think that for a party for us people who don't have someone fixing our partys up for us, it was totaly unrealistic.
She had friends "helping" her make eggnog, which when it was done looked fantastic. I for one would have used my kitchenaid to whip all those egg whites. Have you ever whipped egg whites by hand? It takes forever, but here these guy were whipping away. Then came the BOOOZZEE!!
I don't know how much exactly went in this eggnog batch all i can remember is at least a fifth of jack daniels was dumped in. 
I do admire some of the things that Martha does but for us people who don't have a full crew to finish up the project, i think its unrealistic.
Not that I think that you shouldn't try - go for it, just be sure to have a full  crew to help during the commercials!

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